Modern Jewelry with Amber and Fashion – The Perfect Pair

I never thought that fashion would have such a significant impact on my life as a jewelry designer. And I’m not just talking about trends, which can be an inspiration when designing jewelry.

It’s widely known that jewelry is an integral part of fashion, and fashion needs to be complemented by jewelry. Therefore, it’s impossible to design fashionable jewelry without considering current trends. And since everything has to be “my way,” I filter them through my own sense of aesthetics and contemporary techniques, translating them into the language of jewelry. This is how my distinctive “CHILLI style” is born 😊

For me, fashion is not just about observing trends – it’s also about creating them. Active, because it requires my participation in fashion shows and facing a demanding audience that has seen a lot. This audience includes both fashion designers, whose expectations and sense of aesthetics I must meet, and the public, which wants to be pleasantly surprised by the jewelry they see.

I love it when that surprise shows on the faces of fashion enthusiasts in Poland and Italy (so far, the only countries where I have presented my jewelry). Then I know the collection was a hit 😊 Poles theoretically know amber, but modern designs of jewelry with Baltic amber somewhat less. For Italians – despite a long and beautiful tradition of the amber route – amber is a mystery. Wonderfully intriguing and presented in their favorite stylish setting of fashionable outfits.

CHILLI Jewellery at Fashion Shows

My fashion adventure began with the Amber Look Fashion and Amber Gala accompanying the International Amber and Jewelry Fair AMBERIF in Gdańsk. I had the honor of presenting modern and unique amber jewelry in duets with well-known names from the fashion world three times on this runway: Agnieszka Światły (Constellation in 2018), Paweł Węgrzyn (Amber & Diamonds 2019), and the duo Kovalowe (fashion show accompanying the online fair AMBERIF 2021).

Encouraged by successful shows and many compliments about my jewelry, I decided to venture into broader, European waters. For my first international show in 2021, I chose one of the more well-known fashion weeks, namely Satisfashion Roma. My latest Amber Beauty jewelry collection was presented to an Italian and international audience alongside wedding and evening dresses by the talented fashion designer Barbara Piekut. A year later, also in Rome and also with Barbara Piekut, my jewelry appeared at the Alta Roma Fashion Week.

Amber Jewelry at the Polish Fashion Gala

I have also appeared three times so far in Poznań at the Polish Fashion Gala. In 2021, in a joint show with fashion designer Sara Betkier of Nicoty Duo, I presented the Amber Beauty collection of modern jewelry with Baltic amber. My perspective on amber, enclosed in modern, unique settings made of silver and gold adorned with diamonds and Swarovski crystals, was so appreciated by the Polish Fashion Chapter that they awarded me a significant distinction – the Golden Loop.

The following year, at the invitation of the Polish Fashion Academy, I prepared the amber jewelry collection Passion. I focused primarily on modern design based on classic canons of beauty and excellent quality resulting from the combination of 3D technology and manual work. It was presented in a joint show with Barbara Piekut called Noir. The show was so excellent that the Polish Fashion Academy Chapter awarded me the “Top Fashion” Statue in recognition of good quality and fashionable jewelry design.

In 2023, specially for the Polish Fashion Gala, I prepared the Sparkle collection, focusing on forms and colors of amber that emphasize its natural origin, minimally interfering and using minimalist silver settings. This collection was meant to be a bridge between nature and modernity – the emanation of contemporary human’s need for close contact with nature combined with the slow life philosophy. A contemporary form of amulet – from amber, in whose protective power people have believed for centuries. It was a success – for this collection, I received my second Golden Loop in my career.



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