Why did I love amber? For its uniqueness!

I know, I know, not everyone associates amber with uniqueness… I also once had a problem with the image of amber, but I quickly realized that, as a jeweler and designer, I have a huge influence on this image and can change it. So I’m changing it – and I have been doing so for over 20 years!

When you are a jewelry designer in Pomerania, it is practically impossible not to notice amber – galleries, not only on Mariacka, Długa and Długie Pobrzeże streets, are filled with amber jewelry. Customers also ask about it. Then the thought process starts: what if I reached for amber, what would I make with it? From the beginning of this thought process, it is clear that it has to be something completely innovative and absolutely modern. Then the first ideas for patterns come to mind, and then – no one knows when – the first collection appears. And another… And a slightly unexpected conclusion: this amber is so cool!

What’s so cool about Baltic amber?

It may sound trivial, but I am really impressed that amber was created over 40 million years ago, that it “wandered” half of Europe and that thanks to the inclusions, scientists learn a lot about life on Earth in the distant past. The more I look at the pieces, the more fascinated I am by their natural shapes and colors – they inspired me to create many really interesting jewelry designs. The fact that some of them have been awarded at various important competitions probably proves that I am succeeding in this mission of changing the image of amber. It is so unique that in many projects it could not be replaced by any other stone – the effect would be much less spectacular!

Amber jewelry – unlike any other

Amber jewelry is perceived as a traditional souvenir from the seaside. It’s brilliant that tourists spending their holidays on the Baltic Sea know that they should not leave the Tricity without at least an amber ring. I make every effort to ensure that the amber ring, necklace or earrings are modern and fashionable, and at the same time timeless – that is, designed so that the jewelry can be worn for virtually any occasion and for many seasons.

“Rejuvenating” amber jewelry and making it loved by women at every latitude, I treat a bit like a mission. Or maybe even more than just a bit…? I pursue it quite ambitiously, focusing primarily on modern design – unusual and distinguished by its lightness, finesse, even sensuality. Reflecting current trends, but also timeless. In the “CHILLI style” 😊



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